Privacy Policy

Information that is collected

This site uses Woopra and Heap Analytics to help me understand what visitors like to read and how they interact with the site. Please refer to Woopra’s Privacy Policy and their Terms of Service as well as Heap Analytic’s Privacy Policy and their Terms of Service for details about what information is collected.

If you contact me through the contact page you may choose to provide me with your email, name and any other information as part of your message. That information is stored as a pgp-encrypted email on a third party email server. A copy is sent to your email as specified by you in the email form. I keep the information you send to me private and will not give it to any third party. However, I make no assurances about when the information is deleted, if ever.

Opting out

Many people feel uncomfortable with being tracked online While I don’t have a solution to disable tracking for individual visitors, I encourage the installation of an ad blocker. That will allow you to control which websites are allowed to collect what information. I personally recommend Ghostery or uBlock Origin.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.